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Dear Customer,

As you know we are in constant innovation.

We have just released the new models of our YUKI NEOX MULTITIP H rod for fishing from a boat

These are designed to cover all the needs of fishermen and always maintaining that excellent quality-price ratio that characterizes these rods.

All of them with an action of: 50-300 gr

The available models are:

CANM24H: 2.40 MTS / 2 Tips / 255 GR
CANM27H: 2.70 MTS / 2 Tips / 278 GR
CANM30H: 3.00 MTS / 2 Tips / 300 GR
CANM35H: 3.50 MTS / 2 Tips / 368 GR

For any doubt or clarification our commercial network is at your entire disposal.

Thank you very much and warm Greetings.

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