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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Our story

In 1993, the company Artfishing S.L. by the hand of Leonel Pereira, thanks to his love since childhood for sport fishing and made his dream come true, making his passion his way of life.

From the beginning, his greatest wish was to travel around the world to know and develop the innumerable fishing techniques existing in each country, focusing mainly on the study of materials and improvements that made possible the advance and evolution of the sport fishing sector.

At the beginning of 1999, the company began to take a turn based on the products and trends in fishing material developed in Japan, introducing brands in the market as Seaguar (inventor and world leader in fluorocarbon sales in the world), completely revolutionizing the stereotypes established to date in terms of use and development in fishing lines, appearing with a 100% invisible line under water; in addition, to have Sasame, one of the most prestigious hooks brands in the world that pays special attention to maximum quality, and Shout! totally innovative in the development of fishing techniques for jigging, spinning and large predators. At that time, the first imports of Yuki with the highest quality braids from Japan also began, as well as an extensive fishing line collection.

In 2003 the company moved the offices and main buildings to Sitges, to boost the operations and logistics of the same, with the main objective of improving the service and expanding the market internationally, counting with Jaume Pedro, our export manager , nowadays the company’s products are distributed in more than 45 countries, through brands such as YUKI or FISHUS

in full expansion and with expectations of further growth thanks to the implementation of such leaders worldwide by its well-known constant research and innovation of the material; Always in search of the latest trends and new techniques, developing together with our commercial network, formed by fishermen experts (some of them world champions in their modality) and the entire team that provide their services in Artfishing SL as great pillars of the company.

This success has only been achieved thanks to the ever loyal World Champions who have bet and supported YUKI unconditionally, (champions of recognized prestige at national and international level, with the most complete list of winners in the world of the competition), always attentive and collaborating with us at all times without an iota of weakness in the hard road that a triumph like this is for all of us who configure this great family at the hands of YUKI, who has been able to achieve what that no one has ever managed to win 13 World Championships in the last 10 years in various fishing modalities, filling us with pride and gratitude for all the successes and support received from all the people who encourage and encourage us every day to continue growing to improve ourselves, keep looking and developing, to keep innovating.

And above all to our friends, with those words and gestures of encouragement, even in the most difficult moments (always very present the friendship in our company and so to value at every moment). And to those clients who with it have also ended up being friends, who year after year show us their support, connect, consult us, encourage us with their jokes and with their love, helping us to keep our path of success. and satisfactions for which every day we fight for a great project: YUKI Innovation Leader.

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