From Yuki, both as manufacturers of our own monofilaments and fluorocarbons, as well as distributors of Seaguar in many countries, we want to warn about a series of counterfeits of our products that are being distributed around.

These lines are packaged differently from the originals, but still highlight our official website. However, these are low quality fishing lines with no resemblance to authentic Yuki products. Not only violating our patents but even presenting designs of other brands mixed with copies of our logos.

We are compelled to warn all anglers and retailers to purchase our products through official distributors and to be wary of other sales channels.

Fake Yuki Seaguar Saikou Soft

Yuki/Seaguar Saikou Soft and Seaguar FXR counterfeits

Fake Yuki Invisible line

Yuki Invisible Blue counterfeit

Fake Yuki Seaguar QR3
Fake  Yuki/Seaguar QR3

In the latter the design looks closer to the original, so we recommend checking the spools and packaging. These show printing errors, poor design and the labelling does not include the customer service data, among other details.

These products are probably sold at a lower price, but keep in mind that we aim to offer you high-end products and follow strict quality control checks. These counterfeits are cheap, poor quality lines trying to make profit of other companies success. Please be careful.