Our UK sponsored angler, Constantin Hawk, is not a newcomer when talking about feeder fishing. Enhancing his technique for 21 years, he talks about his gear and some basics on this beautiful style.

For those who don't know about this method, Feeder fishing all comes down to baiting up a very precise area, a swim as its called in the fishing world, to attract the carp in where your hook bait will be presented.
Roach on feeder
This way of fishing is intended to keep carp in the area as they pick away at all the freebies deposited at the bottom of the water. I normally fish for carp and in the winter months I'm fishing for skimmers like bream and roach.

Doing this for so many years I have use many rods for this style. When I have put my hands on the YUKI SAIKOU F1 7.0 rod I like it from day one. I use this rod on big waters like Boddington here in UK where the fish feed far from the bank, this rod is capable to cast 60g method feeders to 100+ meters with no problem.

This rod has a tip action and is extremely lightweight and slim blank as it's made from best carbon on the market (SHMC), this rod casts very precise as well.
Carp feeder fishing on the Yuki Saikou F1 rod
When it came for playing fish this rod is more than capable to get 15-20lb fish with ease.
In one word I love it. And is cheap as well.
I had sessions with my friends where I caught over 100lb of carp and is really nice to know that you can trust your gear.
Feeder Fishing UK
On small lakes I'm using my Yuki Feeder ONE 5.0 3m rod. Is slim, soft and a pleasure to play the fish with.
Don't be trick by the size of this as this rod is capable to pull big fish as well with no problem.
In some of my sessions I got fish over 10lb with this rod. You can only cast light method feeders as is so soft but on small waters is all you need, as I target the small fish.

The tackle that I use for this method is the YUKI Invisible 3G line, this is a soft line and very, very strong and the most important thing for this method is that this line sinks like a brick.
If I use a open feeder then I will use Yuki/Seaguar Saikou Soft as shock leader, this fluorocarbon is practically invisible under water and being so soft molds perfectly on the bottom.
Releasing a carp
Not at least I use my fishing box which is made from super light aluminium, with large foot plates making this box very light and stable for any ground, lots of storage for your tackle as well. It has extendable legs so you can go in the water when you needed it.

I recommend to everyone that use this technique to have a look on these rods and boxes as is something else and you will definitely like it.

Constantin Hawk

Constantin Hawk Constantin Hawk
Yuki sponsored angler and coarse fishing specialist in the UK
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