We have just released the NUBA EXTRA SLOW CASTING, a powerful new rod designed to wrestle monsters from the depths. Let's dive into what makes this rod a must-have in your arsenal:

Built for taming Brutes:

This single-piece, 1.80m rod boasts a more parabolic action, giving you the flexibility and control needed to use lures and jigs of 80 to 160grf for catching dentex, amberjack, bluefin tuna, cod, snapper, and grouper weighing 2 to 15kg. Whether you're battling a feisty snapper or a brutish bluefin, this rod will absorb lunges and headshakes with ease.

Yuki Nuba Extra Slow Casting

Ready for Live Baiting:

The NUBA EXTRA SLOW CASTING excels at live baiting thanks to its parabolic blank. This design helps tire out the fish quickly and safely, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring a successful catch. So, if you're a fan of live baiting for big game, this rod is your perfect partner.

Yuki Nuba Extra Slow Casting

Top-Notch Components:

Yuki knows that quality components are crucial for performance. That's why the NUBA EXTRA SLOW CASTING features:

  • Spiral-wrapped Fuji Alconite Casting guides: These guides are lightweight, durable, and tangle-resistant, ensuring smooth line flow and accurate casts.
  • Fuji Casting reel seat with trigger: This comfortable reel seat provides secure hold and effortless control, even during intense battles.
  • Slender handle covered with high-density, non-slip EVA foam: This handle offers superior grip and comfort, preventing slippage and fatigue during long fishing sessions. Plus, the EVA foam protects the carbon from wear and tear in rod holders.

Yuki Nuba Extra Slow Casting

So, are you ready to step up your game? Check it out here