From Yuki we would like to congratulate the winners of the 2021 World  Shore Angling Championship  held in Tremblade Beach (France) from 14th to 17th September.
After a hard competition where anglers had to change a lot of strategy, the Spanish and Portuguese teams, both ladies and seniors, have risen to the podium.
The ranking is as follows:

Individual Final Classification (Ladies):

1- Marina Mavrinac Matulja (Croatia)
Andrea Pina Cortés (Spain)
3-Zelia Afonso (Portugal)

Nations Final Classification (Ladies):

1 - Spain(21288 points)
2 - Portugal (23800 points)
3 - Croatia (22512 points)

Individual Final Classification (Seniors):

1- Juan Cánovas (Spain)
Juan Daniel Oliva (Spain)
3- Filippo Malvagna (Portugal)

Nations Final Classification (Seniors):

1 - Spain (38423 points)
2 - Italy (31472 points)
3 - Belgium (22782 points)

Another triumph for our members of the Yuki Team: Andrea, Zelia, Juan and Daniel, who have been able to adapt to the continuous changes in fishing and have improved their impressive track record.