Ultra PE Cast

Ultra PE Cast
Wax Coating
Memory Free
Reel Line
Extra-Strong Line
Saltwater-proof Line
Extra Abrasion-Resistant Line
Ultra Knot Strenght

Multicoloured 8-carrier braided fishing line made with high strength PE fibres.
Colour change every 20 metres.
Smooth glide through the rod guides and line-roller, translating in longer and more precise casts.
Recommended for lure fishing in both spinning and baitcasting reels.

Ø kg lb
0.104 5.50 12
0.128 6.50 14
0.148 8.50 18
Reference DiameterLength
NYPC04 0.104 300 mt
NYPC06 0.128 300 mt
NYPC08 0.148 300 mt