Nuba Extra Slow Casting

Nuba Extra Slow Casting

Yuki Nuba Extra Slow Casting Rod

One piece semi-parabolic action rod designed for slow jigging, perfect for fishing bonito, snapper, grouper and medium sized fish of 2 to 15kg from the boat.
It can also be used for live baiting thanks to its progressive blank.
Thin blank made of a light high modulus carbon alloy and high strength carbon.
Thanks to its flexibility and progressive fishing action, you'll be able to enjoy fights without any fear of losing big fish.
High density, non-slip EVA foam handle for better grip and safety during fishing sessions, avoiding blank scratch on the rod holders.
Fuji Alconite Casting spiral-wrapping guides and Fuji Casting reel seat with trigger.
Recommended line: PE2 - PE3

Length Weight Features
Carbon Type Guides Action Reel Seat
1,80 m 6' 335 gr Super Light High Modulus Carbon FUJI ALCONITE CASTING 80-160gr FUJI CASTING